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SEMI Launches Redesigned

In this preview, you’ll see how we’re improving based on your comments and feedback. We think you’ll like the changes.

Review the new design and features below to discover how is changing to better serve your needs. Homepage

    1. Cleaner Design

    We’ve redesigned the pages in to provide you with a better online experience. Our new, updated look means that information is easier to read and access. Tile ads, now located on the right side in a more standard internet practice, continue to be an excellent resource for reaching your customers. (SEMI provides excellent advertising opportunities.)

    2. Search

    Search fields are now prominently located on the upper right. Search the entire site to find information quickly throughout, or use the “Search SEMI Standards” to locate specific standards documents.

    3. Regional Homepages

    Specific regional information is easier to access by selecting your region from the drop-down menu. You have a choice between viewing content in English or specific language from the following regions: China, Europe, Japan, Korea, North America, Singapore and Taiwan.

    4. Breadcrumb Navigation

    This navigation aide, often called “breadcrumb navigation” is available so users can see where the content they are viewing is located in the hierarchy of the site.

    5. Cascading Menus

    The dropdown or cascading menu in the main navigation bar allows for quicker drill down access to information. Simply place your mouse over a main menu item to view the menu items under each.

    6. Calendar

    Calendar Sub-items

    All meetings held in conjunction with a major event will now be grouped in the calendar for easier access. All events with a sub-item will be marked with a “+.” Click on the “+” to expand the calendar item and view the sub-items. To collapse or hide the sub-items, simply click on the “-.“

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