eustandards2005 SEMI Europe Standards Autumn Conference and Meetings

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SEMI Europe Standards Autumn Conference and Meetings
26-28 October 2005 at the Leuven Faculty Club in Belgium
With the support of IMEC

Standards – Key Building Blocks to the Semiconductor Industry’s Success

FORMAT: Plenary conference on a general theme, interactive task force and committee meetings, focused workshops and seminars, several discussion and networking opportunities.

This event has been moving around from region to region since 1998 in order to encourage new participants to become acquainted with SEMI and the International Standards Program. Over 100 industry professionals (IC manufacturers, Equipment and Material suppliers) attend every year the Autumn event. If you have not attended in the past, please join us in Leuven! If you have enjoyed the event in the past, we will be happy to see you again!





LIST OF COMPANIES related to Semiconductor and MEMS nearby Leuven


PURPOSE of the Standards Autumn Event:

  • Provide a forum among suppliers and users for the interchange of data about technical trends
  • Communicate to management the benefits of standards, promote the usage of standards and ensure they are used to their full potential
  • Develop high impact standards in a timely fashion

BENEFIT to the participants: By actively contributing to the SEMI International Standards Program, participants harvest immediate benefits through access to technical resources and networking. Participants gain the following benefits:

  • The capability to influence the resulting standard.
  • Greater understanding of the standards and their underlying designs, tradeoffs and compromises made during their development.
  • Standards provide guidance to designers, reducing research and development costs and eliminating costly errors.
  • Corporate image as an industry leader is enhanced.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the many benefits of participating in a Standards Developing Organization

For additional information, please visit the SEMI International Standards Homepage or contact:

Carlos Lee
Manager, Standards
SEMI Europe
Tel: 32 2 2896497 Fax: 32 2 5114345

Based in San Jose, Calif., SEMI is an international industry association serving more than 2,200 companies participating in the semiconductor, MEMS and flat panel display equipment and materials markets. SEMI maintains offices in Austin, Beijing, Boston, Brussels, Hsinchu, Moscow, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, D.C