SEMI Work Illness & Injury Benchmarking Survey Project

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Work Illness and Injury Benchmark System for the U.S. Semiconductor Equipment Industry

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Semiconductor equipment companies with U.S. operations are invited to participate in the 2008 round of the annual “Work Illness & Injury Benchmark System.” Also, international companies that collect illness and injury statistics similar to those required by U.S. OSHA may also be able to participate.

The SEMI-sponsored “Work Illness & Injury Benchmark System” is based on an annual survey involving participating SEMI® companies with U.S. operations. To date, the survey has involved six SEMI member companies (estimated to represent approximately 50 percent of the industry’s workforce), and has been held annually from 2000 to 2007. Since all of the data that companies provide in the annual survey are those that the companies are already required to keep by federal rule, costs of this system are minimized as no new data are required.

All semiconductor equipment companies are encouraged to join. Companies are charged a low pass-through cost from the project investigator, Dr. Don Lassiter of Occupational Health Systems. Benefits of participating include:

  • A source of detailed information for benchmarking the safety and health experience of your own workforce with that of the industry on an annual basis, which you could use to improve your safety record more cost effectively. This information is much more extensive and useful than that provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticssince their 2003 survey.
  • A record of worker safety and health over time that is representative of the industry. The results of the initial years’ surveys have documented an excellent record of worker safety and health. The quality of this record will be enhanced by expanding participation by SEMI member companies, so that participants represent a statistically greater proportion of the industry’s workforce.

For an overview of the system and all the benefits it offers to participating companies, the industry, and others, read “SEMI Survey Provides Data to Help Create Safer Workplaces” from the December 2003 issue of Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine.

For a sample version of the benchmark report provided to each participating company, read “Work Illness & Injuries in the U.S. Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Industry, 2002”.

For further information, or to inquire about participation, contact Sanjay Baliga at 1.408.943.6957 or