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James C. Morgan Announces $1,000,000 Challenge Grant for High Tech Industry Workforce Development

SEMI Foundation Mission & Vision

The mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support education and career awareness in the fields of high technology.

Through scholarships and career exploration programs - SEMI High Tech U for high school students, and SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition - the Foundation strives to:

  • Enhance the perception of the semiconductor and high tech industry
  • Stimulate interest in high tech to all who participate
  • Provide activities and experiences for students that motivate and build confidence
  • Connect students and teachers with industry professionals
  • Demonstrate the relationship of high school math and science to real world applications
  • Establish networking opportunities beyond the initial High Tech U experience

With these goals in mind, the Foundation encourages students to stay in school, take more math, science and technology courses — and discover they can have a bright future in high tech.

About SEMI High Tech U

SEMI High Tech U provides secondary school students with an intensive three/four day, industry-led introduction to the high tech industry, potential career paths and education requirements to meet their goals.

Students and teachers participate in hands-on activities that focus on topics including statistics, nanotechnology, solar and alternative energy technologies, electronics and mathematics. Students also work on soft skills and participate in mock job interviews with industry professionals. Students also have the opportunity to find out about local college and university options.

Students who attend SEMI High Tech U are 14-17. Applicants do not have to be an "A" student. All secondary students who have an interest in high-tech are encouraged to apply. There is no cost for a student to attend. 

Teachers who are interested in attending SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition should contact the SEMI Foundation at for more information.

To find out more about SEMI High Tech U, watch our SEMI High Tech U overview video below. More HTU videos can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel by clicking on the YouTube logo below.

  SEMI Foundation & High Tech U Publications

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