Hyun-Dae (H. D.) Cho Biography and Photo

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HD Cho's Photo

Hyun-Dae (H. D.) Cho
President, SEMI Korea

As President of SEMI Korea, Hyun-Dae (H. D.) Cho assumes full responsibility for SEMI operations in Korea and oversees the association’s programs, products and services in the region. He is responsible for relationships with SEMI members as well as industry, government and academia in Korea. Additionally, he supports SEMI international programs and serves SEMI members from all regions that have interests in the Korean markets for technology and materials to manufacture semiconductors, displays and related electronic products.

Prior to joining SEMI, Cho was the representative director of Photon Dynamics Korea. Before that, he served in various roles at several Korean technology companies including: country manager for Metron Technology Korea Ltd.; representative director of Materials Research Corporation Korea Co., Ltd; and country export and manufacturing director at Digital Equipment Korea, Inc.,

Cho received a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Business Administration from Korea University in Seoul. His MBA thesis was “Strategic Alliances in the Semiconductor Industry.” He also completed an Executive Program for Senior Management in the Semiconductor Industry from the Graduate School of Industrial Engineering, Korea University.