Heinz Kundert Biography and Photo

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Heinz Kundert
President, SEMI Europe

Heinz Kundert was named president of SEMI Europe in October 2005. His responsibility includes overall guidance of the SEMI activities and membership outreach all over Europe and the CIS countries and he belongs to the Global Executive Team of SEMI International.

As part of the SEMI mission Kundert is focusing on providing higher level of services for SEMI members/customers and to increase their satisfaction in Europe and CIS. To strengthen the European-based semiconductor industry by providing a valuable platform to enhance innovation and manufacturing capabilities is one of the prime goals.

Kundert has been within the semiconductor industry for 23 years when he joined Balzers in Liechtenstein, a global supplier of thin film equipment for semiconductor manufacturing and related applications. He began as a sales manager for Asia and expanded his role of responsibility through several positions within the company. In total he lived more than five years in Asia before he became COO of the newly formed company Unaxis that was a merger between Balzers and Leybold. From 2002 Kundert was named CEO of Unaxis.

During his tenure Kundert expanded business in semiconductors, optics, optical discs, hard coatings, space and vacuum with a major focus on the Asian market where he generated 50 percent of the revenue.

Kundert has a degree in mechanical engineering and business administration with a federal diploma from the FAH/University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.