The New "Rules of the Game"

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From the SEMI North America President

The New “Rules of the Game”

In the fierce battle for market share, sometimes we need to put our swords down long enough to take a good hard look at ourselves and the industry. Admittedly, there’s a time and place for sheer competitiveness. But there’s also a time to look at what’s been happening in our industry in the last two years. We experienced the most severe decline ever, followed by a healthy recovery. But it’s definitely not business as usual…

It’s definitely time for industry leaders from all over the globe to convene and discuss global manufacturing, technology and trade issues for the semiconductor and adjacent industries.

Let’s take off our competitor hats for three days and collaborate at the International Trade Partners Conference (ITPC) — it’s one of the few industry conferences with an audience as influential as the presenters and this year is the 25th anniversary of ITPC.

While the semiconductor industry is well-known as a cyclical industry, global economic forces are transforming the industry while at the same time, government policy makers, research consortiums and partnerships are playing a greater role in the industry. The rules of the game are changing the game, and the transformation affects many areas in the industry, including:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Roadmap Rationalization and New Product Development
  • Collaboration/Redefining the Value Chain
  • Sustainability

We have a world-class speaker line up that will address these and other issues, including:

  • Yoon-Woo Lee (Samsung Electronics) on “Technology Innovation and Future Society”
  • Kay Chai “KC” Ang (GLOBALFOUNDRIES) on “From Contract to Collaboration: Redefining the Foundry Model”
  • Robert Bruck (Intel) on “Moore with Less: Partnering For Efficient Innovation”
  • Michael Cadigan (IBM) on “Collaboration in a High Stakes Game”
  • Paolo Gargini (Intel) on “A Preview of the Next Decade”
  • Wei-Jen Lo (TSMC)
  • Shuji Nakamura (University of California) on “Latest Progress of Nitride-based LEDs and Laser Diodes”
  • SungWook Park (Hynix) on “Collaboration for Advance of Memory Technology”
  • Shozo Saito (Toshiba) on “Innovative Solutions for Semiconductor Device Manufacturers”
  • Jiang Shangzhou (CSIA and SMIC) on “The Path of China Semiconductor Industry”
  • Ho-Ming Tong (ASE Group) on “Thriving on Heterogeneous Integration”
  • Philipp Zhang (Huawei Technologies) on “Semiconductor Innovation for China's Electronic Industry”

In addition, three executive panels will cover the topics of “Pan-Asian Economics” with moderator Richard Hill (Novellus) and panelists from Huawei Technologies, IBM, LB Consulting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers; “Adjacent Markets” with moderator Pat Lamey (Applied Materials); and “Semiconductor Technology” with moderator Masao Fukuma (SIRI, Japan) and panelists from Samsung, Renesas Electronics, Sony, and IMEC.

For 25 years, ITPC has earned a stellar reputation for bringing together industry leaders to learn, network, and collaborate on compelling issues that face the industry. Executives who attend learn from both presenters and attendees.

Join us. I hope to see you there. For more information, click here.

Karen Savala

October 5, 2010