Invent the Future

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From the SEMI North America President

Invent the Future

During the rebound, the rules of the game will change. The global economic forces transforming the industry will trigger even more device makers to consolidate and/or diversify. The supply chain will change too as it becomes leaner and seeks new business models. To survive, companies need to create new technologies and cost-sharing industry partnerships.

These are tough times for everyone. So perhaps you're wondering . . . "Will the show still go on?" The answer: a resounding “YES.” SEMICON West 2009 will be open for business and very proud to present an impressive lineup of events to help you improve your business. I hope that you participate in SEMICON West (July 14–16):

  • Test, Assembly and Packaging TechXPOT: At this TechXPOT, you’ll hear leading industry experts and technologists explore the current trends and challenges in test, assembly, and packaging.
  • Device Scaling TechXPOT: The technical presentations at the Challenges in Device Scaling TechXPOT will explore the critical technologies that are enabling continued progress along the Moore’s Law curve.
  • Solar/PV: The InterSolar area of SEMICON West addresses the entire supply chain in solar energy including solar thermal energy and PV. Exhibitors will include PV cell and module manufacturers, polysilicon suppliers, equipment and materials suppliers, components and subsystems, and architectural/construction services.
  • Extreme Electronics(includes MEMS, solid state lighting, and flexible/printed electronics). The new Extreme Electronics zone will highlight companies and technologies focused on these emerging markets and the technologies supporting them.

Join us at SEMICON West. Hear the leading experts in TAP and device scaling. Meet the analysts and executives from companies driving commercialization of emerging technologies.

Together, we can invent a new future— a better future— for our industry.

Jonathan Davis

President, SEMI North America

June 2, 2009