From the President of SEMI North America (April 2009)

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From the President of SEMI North America (April 2009)

The challenge our industry faces today is to manage the downturn while preparing for the upturn, but that’s nothing new for the semiconductor industry. What is different this time is that the U.S. Government has offered some help through the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” also known as the Economic Stimulus bill. This bill includes opportunities on PV as well as other broadly-scoped programs which could include semiconductor equipment and materials companies. Perhaps you will find opportunities for your company in the stimulus bill.

In the meantime, SEMI is working as your partner to identify, open, and develop new markets in which you may grow and thrive. That’s why SEMI is currently involved in “Extreme Electronics.” SEMI is exploring new opportunities beyond semiconductors (including MEMS, solid state lighting, and flexible/printed electronics). The new Extreme Electronics zone— a “show-within-the-show” at SEMICON West— will highlight companies and technologies focused on these emerging markets and the technologies supporting them.

Market analysts, technologists, and executives from leading companies driving commercialization of these emerging technologies will be at SEMICON West. They will provide updates on current market trends and technology highlights, and the materials and process technologies needed to successfully ramp volume production of MEMS, solid state lighting, nano-electronics, and flexible and printed electronics.

In short, it’s encouraging to see that there are high-tech opportunities for advanced equipment and materials companies in addition to IC and PV manufacturing. New and growing opportunities are just around the corner for companies that are open and ready for new challenges.

For more information about opportunities in Extreme Electronics, please click here or visit If you have questions about the economic stimulus bill and funding, contact Ken Schramko ( in the Washington, D.C. office. For more information on the PV Group, please visit

Jonathan Davis

April 1, 2009