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The Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group is a special interest group of SEMI made up of members who produce, package and/or distribute chemicals or gases used in micro-electronics applications.  CGMG is the driver behind a number of materials-related initiatives.  The group also produces events and guides SEMI on materials-related issues.

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The CGMG identifies opportunities where member companies and other partners can work together on a pre-competitive basis to reduce redundancy or duplication of efforts, or to establish standards that will benefit the industry. If you have a topic you would like the CGMG to address, contact


CGMG: Working Together to Design the Future

Gene Karwacki
Air Products & Chemicals
CGMG Chairman
CGMG Members 

The CGMG is a group within SEMI that represents the interests of chemicals and gases suppliers to the semiconductor industry. Our mission is to provide a common voice for CGMG members and to ensure that their interests are represented in SEMI’s public policy, advocacy, exhibition, and communications programs. Read more



CGMG’S Value to its Participants

Lita Shon-Roy
Lita Shon-Roy 
TechCet Group, llc

Participating in the CGMG is one of the best ways to “keep your eye on what’s going on” with regard to semiconductor and electronic materials. While sitting next to one’s competitor might not always be a comfortable situation, the CGMG focuses on non-competitive issues that allow members to work together toward common areas of interest. Read more


Who We Are

Mike Corbett
Mike Corbett
Linx Consulting

The Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG) is the only advocacy group dedicated to the interest of suppliers of electronic chemicals and materials. The group is managed and actively led by a group of individuals who see the benefits of collaboration and believe that many of the most pressing issues can be better addressed through an industry forum.. Read more

Ship-to-Control Issues

CGMG SMTF Overview (48KB PDF) 
January 2008 A “Ship to Control” supply position is a growing expectation of material suppliers to the IC manufacturing industry. SEMI has adopted standard guidelines (SEMI C64-0308) for suppliers to follow in developing control limit calculation procedures that can be used as a basis for lot approval procedures.

Ship to Control Process Limits (853KB PDF)
In recent years there has been a growing push by IDM’s to require suppliers to provide materials that are in statistical control. When a material is not in statistical control and within the nominal material specifications there are several possibilities.

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