Bettina Weiss Biography and Photo

Bettina Weiss
Vice President, Business Development and Product Management


As Vice President of Business Development and Product Management, Bettina Weiss supports the diverse product needs of association members and assessing opportunities for member company engagement in emerging technology segments and geographies.

Weiss joined SEMI in 1996, and has since worked in several positions in Europe, and at SEMI's global headquarters in San Jose. From 2005 to 2008, she was Director, International Standards, overseeing operations of SEMI's International Standards Program. From 2008 to 2012, she oversaw activities in SEMI’s global photovoltaic group, which later expanded into broader business development in emerging markets and technologies, including strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Prior to joining SEMI, Weiss worked in sales and marketing at Metron Semiconductor and Varian Semiconductor in Munich, Germany. She holds a BA from the International School for Applied Languages in Munich, Germany, and is a certified translator for Anglo-American Law and Economics.