SEMI Awards for North America Nomination Guidelines

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2016 Nomination Guidelines

To nominate an individual for the SEMI Award for North America, click here


The SEMI Award for North America is given to those individuals who have produced an advancement of significant value to the progress of the semiconductor equipment and materials supplier community. The accomplishment must have benefited the semiconductor industry through successful commercialization for a mature technology or have the promise of doing so in the future based on a reduction to practice for an emerging technology. The semiconductor industry includes traditional integrated circuits, flat panel displays, optical integrated circuits and photovoltaics including solar cells and LEDs.

Selection Criteria

Criteria for the awards are based on the impact of the contribution and the role of the nominee(s). The recipient can either be the originator of a concept, material, process, equipment, factory operation innovation or one who has made significant enhancements or additions to a concept which enabled its successful implementation through a reduction to practice or successful commercialization


Contribution: Critical factors for the contribution are:

  • Scope of the contribution
  • Breadth of application
  • Extent of change as a result of its application
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Sharpness of inflection point or paradigm shift as a result of its introduction
  • Originality
  • Effect on the overall progress of the semiconductor industry

While the impact may be on any part of the industry, the scope of the contribution is expected to be related to the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, which may include equipment for assembly/test and wafer fabrication or the preparation of materials of commercial importance to the semiconductor industry.


Nominee(s): Critical factors for the nominee are his or her role in the invention (patent information required), innovation, implementation or agent of change. Evidence of the role can be via patents, publications or personal references. The references should vouch for the role of the nominee as a champion of the contribution, supporter or promoter of its application in the semiconductor industry or as the agent that was responsible for the point of inflection that this contribution induced. In the case of multiple nominees, the role of each nominee should be made clear.


Any recipient can receive the award only once with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement Award, which can be given to previous award recipients if their contributions have been ongoing and continued to be significant.

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