SEMI Award for North America Recipients

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SEMI Award North America Recipients

The highest honor achievable through the 2,000 member trade organization SEMI, is the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Honor is reserved for those individuals who repeatedly enable and lead the industry, technologically, throughout their professional career. Click here to learn more about the SEMI Award for North America.





2014Terry Brewer, Ph.D.,  President, Brewer Science

Invention and commercialization of anti-reflective coatings  used in optical lithography

Dr. Terry Brewer invented an anti-reflective coating that was effective in eliminating reflective interference and provided good adhesion to multiple materials and resist. At the time, anti-reflective coating were a radical approach. Brewer Science, Inc., founded in 1981, developed and commercialized anti-reflective coating materials instrumental in the industry’s progress from g-line to 248nm to 193nm lithography, and now to extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and directed self-assembly (DSA) technology.

2014Jason C.S. Chang Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Commercialization of copper wire bonds

In the 1980s the semiconductor industry began exploring less costly alternatives for wire bonding. In 2006, Jason Chang and Tien Wu of ASE committed to underwrite risk, resolve technical problems, and address customer concerns. In 2007 they started working with materials and equipment vendors to establish a supply chain and also with foundries to establish metallurgy for bonding pads compatible with copper wire bonds. In 2009, Chang and Wu had dramatic results with a few selected customers. By 2013, more than half of ASE production was in copper wire bonds and today it exceeds 70 percent. ASE moved copper wire bonds into volume production and the industry continues to benefit from their effots.

Assembly and Packaging
2013Dr. Mark Law, University of Florida
Dr. Kevin Jones,University of Florida
Developed a cornerstone of the modern era of computational modeling of CMOS fabrication process with the Florida Object-Oriented Process Simulator (FLOOPS) which was introduced in 1990. FLOOPS has developed into a widely used, flexible code for multi-dimensional modeling for advanced IC fabrication processes.Process and Technology Integration
2013Grigor Gasparyan, Xilinx
Liam Madden, Xilinx
Dr. Steve Trimberger, Xilinx
Suresh Ramalingam, Xilinx
Steve Young, Xilinx
Trevor Bauer, Xilinx
Kumar Nagarajan, Xilinx
(now with Maxim Integrated)
Commercialization of the silicon interposer which provides more than two orders of magnitude increase in die-to-die bandwidth per watt. This achievement effectively addressed both challenges of decreasing power and increasing bandwidth for advanced digital ICs. It also decreased latency to only 20 percent for standard input/output connections.Assembly and Packaging
2012Mark Bohr, Intel
Robert Chau, Intel
Suman Datta, Pennsylvania State University (formerly with Intel)
Mark Doczy, Intel
Brian Doyle, Intel
Tahir Ghani, Intel
Jack Kavalieros, Intel
Matthew Metz, Intel
Kaizad Mistry, Intel
The Intel team was honored for their contribution to the first development, integration and introduction of a successful high-k dielectric and metal electrode gate stack for CMOS IC production, first implemented at the 45nm node in 2007Process and Technology Integration
2011Moungi Bawendi, MIT professor, QD Vision Science Advisory Board
Vladimir Bulovic, MIT professor, QD Vision Science Advisory Board, QD Vision founder
Seth Coe-Sullivan, QD Vision founder and CTO
John Ritter, QD Vision, EVP of Product Development and Operations
Jonathan S. Steckel, QD Vision founder and director of Chemistry
Commercialization of Quantum Dot (QD) technologyMaterials and Process Integration
2010Thomas DiStefano, Founder, Tessera
John Smith, former CEO, Tessera
Michael Warner, former VP Engineering & Product Development, Tessera
Commercialization of the uBGA TechnologyAdvanced Packaging


Robert PattiPioneer work in the emerging technical area of 3D IC integrationAssembly and Packaging


Andrew Hawryluk
James McWhirter
Michael Thompson
Yun Wang
Annealing using grazing-angle IR laser beamsWafer Fabrication


Yoshio NishiMemory Development and Visionary R&D ManagementLifetime Achievement


Chris Auth
Mark Bohr
Robert Chau
Tahir Ghani
Kaizad Mistry
Anand Murthy
Scott Thompson
Process Integration of Strain-enhanced Mobility Techniques for CMOS TransistorsProcess Integration


Bernard S. MeyersonSiGe for Wireless ApplicationLifetime Achievement


C. Grant WillsonChemically Amplified ResistLithography


Igor KhandrosWafer TestTest Equipment


Jim KofordIntegrated Circuit Design and Test AutomationLifetime Achievement
 Bob Shillman
Bill Silver
Marilyn Matz
Machine Vision SystemsEnabling Equipment


Lee Galbraith George KrenParticle Detection SystemMetrology


Arthur EvansBlade Type Fixed-Point Probe CardTest Equipment
Chris MackLithography ModelingLithography


Richard SpanierMetrologyLifetime Achievement
Tom Hedges
Tom Schaefer
Carl Smith
Roger Sturgeon
Mark Zimmer
Device Design-to-Manufacturing Data Transcription and Data Preparation SoftwareDesign Database
Glenn Tom, Ph.D.
Karl Olander, Ph.D.
Safe Delivery System (SDS) Gas Storage and DeliveryMaterials Technology


Robert Knollenberg, Ph.DParticle detection in semiconductor processingMetrology

Paul Allen, Ph.D.
Hans Buhre
Neil Berglund, Ph.D.
Torbjorn Sandstrom, Ph.D.
Anders Thuren
Paul Warkentin, Ph.D.
Team for Photo mask laser pattern generation technologyLithography


Doug Scott
John DeBolt
Jonathan Golovin
Team for Manufacturing Execution Systems and Development of PROMIS & COMETSFactory Integration
Anwar ChitayatInnovator and Developer of the Brushless Linear MotorEnabling Equipment


Anthony Bonora
Mihir Parikh, Ph.D.
Creation and Development of SMIFEquipment


Bruce Deal, Ph.D.Silicon oxidation technologyLifetime Achievement
William Cote
William Guthrie
Michael Leach
Pioneering development of chemical mechanical planarization processingProcess Technology


Peter Rose, Ph.D.Innovator/founder; ion implantation technologyLifetime Achievement
Norman Goldsmith
Werner Kern
"RCA clean"; oxide CVD; BN diffusionProcess Technology


Kenneth LevyLeadership in inspection, instrumentation and metrologyLifetime Achievement
Robert Akins Ph.D.
John Bruning
Chris Sparkes
Larry Thompson
Optical tooling and processes for deep UV lithographyEquipment
Richard BrewerMaterials and process solutions for LithographyMaterials


Vincent CoatesScanning electron microscopeMetrology
Arnon GatRapid thermal processingProcess Equipment


Martin HammondLPCVDMaterials Technology
Paul SandlandAutomated wafer inspectionMetrology Equipment

Dan Maydan
David N.K. Wang
Sasson Somekh

Precision 5000

Lifetime Achievement


Marjorie Balazs

Yield Improvement

Process Control


Griffith Resor

Wafer stepper development

for IC Production

Process Equipment


Robert Mazur

Automatic spreading

resistance probe



Charles & Lucia Shipley

Positive photoresist

Materials Technology


David Perloff

Wafer mapping


Walter Runyan

Silicon crystal growth

Materials Technology


Douglas Peltzer

Oxide isolation


Process Technology

Ronald Hershel
Martin Lee

One-to-one wafer


Process Equipment

Dan Maydan
David Wang
Sasson Somekh

Plasma etch standard

Process Equipment


Dick Blair
Charles Drexel
Dan LeMay

Mass flow controller

Process Equipment

Mord Wiesler

Die bonding

Assembly Equipment

Tech Tan
Warren Tice

Intrinsic gettering

Materials Technology


Roger Bastide
Peter Rose
Andrew Wittkower

Ion implantation systems

Process Equipment

C. Arthur Lasch

Automatic wafer prober

Tech. Equipment

Robert Walsh

Chemical-mechanical wafer polishing

Materials Technology


Guenter Schwuttke

X-ray topography system


Jean Hoerni

Planar process

Process Technology


Albert Soffa

Manual and automatic wire bonders

Assembly Equipment


David Alles
Robert Collier
Donald Harriott
John Stafford
Michael Thomson

Electron beam exposure system

Process Technology

Neal Stouder

Linear and high/low

temperature test system

Test Equipment

Gordon Teal

Silicon transistor

Device Technology


J. Walter Carlson

Silicon quality standards

Materials Technology

Kenneth Levy

Automated photomask inspection


T. Peter Sylvan

Test systems development

Test Equipment


Karl A. Lang

Automatic diffusion furnaces

Process Equipment

Lawrence Martinson

Negative photoresist

Materials Technology

Lawrence Plummer

Plastic device encapsulation

Assembly Equipment


Robert Grey
David Manson
Wayne Sanborn

Development of silane

Material Technology

Burton Wheeler



Process Equipment

Test Systems Group

Sentry test equipment

Test Equipment


Alfred Barsocchi
Robert Eberly
Donald McKenzie
Alfred Taylor

Commercial doping of gasses and mixtures

Materials Technology

Kazuo Maeda

Low pressure CVD

Process Equipment

Matt Pennings

Ultrasonic wire bonder

Assembly Equipment

Sheldon Weinig

High purity, highly characterized materials

Materials Technology


Walter C. Benzing
Mike McNeilly

Epitaxial silicon deposition

Process Equipment

Jere D. Buckley
Harold Helmstreet
David Markle
Abe Offner

MICRALIGN projection mask aligner

Process Equipment

Frederick W. Kulicke, Jr.

Wire bonding and die attach

Assembly Equipment

Robert Lorenzini

Silicon crystal growth

Materials Technology

Nicolas DeWolfe

Automatic semiconductor

Assembly Equipment

Henry W. Gutsche

Vapor deposition of polycrystal silicon

Materials Technology

Geoffrey Ryding

Ion implantation equipment

Process Equipment