2017 FLEX Japan – Announcing Japan’s First Flexible Hybrid Electronics Conference

TOKYO – March 1, 2017 – Today, FlexTech, a SEMI Strategic Association Partner, announced the agenda for 2017FLEX Japan, the first flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) conference in Tokyo on April 11-12. More than two hundred attendees are expected to participate from the international FHE community and adjacent industry sectors including semiconductor, sensors, and printed electronics industries. Japanese-English simultaneous translation will be available in all sessions of the conference. The event is based on the same format as the 15 year-old FLEX Conference events in the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia.  Registration is now open for 2017FLEX Japan.

FHE is the leading technical approach to design and manufacture devices for fast growth markets including IoT, environmental sensing, wearable applications, flexible displays and other conformable and low profile applications. 2017FLEX Japan includes four sessions on critical areas for FHE success:

  • FHE / Printed Electronics – addresses latest technical developments on flexible electronic components including, substrates, printed communication, processing, power and displays
  • IoT Applications – covers new applications for FHE in home security, retail and distribution, and industrial IoT
  • Sensors – provides updates on integrating sensors into FHE systems 
  • Smart Textiles – focuses on design of stretchable, twistable FHE components

The four sessions will feature 16 technologists and experts from Japan, Americas, Asia and Europe representing organizations and academia active in the FHE area, including:

  • Tohoku University: Masayoshi Esashi, professor, Micro System Integration Center
  • AIST: Toshihide Kamata, director, Flexible Electronics Research Center
  • Google: Kelly Dobson, research leader, Advanced Technology and Projects Group
  • SECOM: Tsuneo Komatsuzaki, managing executive officer, director of Intelligent System Laboratory
  • Cornell University: Juan Hinestroza, associate professor of Fiber Science, Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design
  • U.S.A. Air Force Research Laboratory: Michael F. Durstock, chief, Soft Matter Material Branch

The two-day program also includes a table top exhibition and a reception to facilitate business developments and technology collaboration.          

To learn more about the event, visit 2017FLEX Japan website at: www.semi.org/jp/node/73811/

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