2017FLEX Call for Papers - Now Open for Submission

2017FLEX Call for Papers – Now Open for Submission

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FlexTech, NextFlex, NBMC, SEMI and the 2017FLEX Executive Committee invite you to submit an abstract of a paper or student poster for the 16th Annual Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference – www.2017FLEX.com. The annual event highlights the latest technical breakthroughs and demonstrations of flexible hybrid and printed electronics products, equipment, processes and materials and applications they enable.

The City of Monterey, California hosts 2017FLEX which brings together world leaders in flexible and printed electronics in an environment conducive to formal and informal information-exchange, networking, and business collaboration. The event attracts technical representatives from over 400 companies, universities, R&D labs, and government agencies from around the world.

Students from leading research universities are especially welcome to submit posters describing their work and results on the same target topics. Prizes will be awarded to the top three student posters as judged by a panel of industry and academic experts. Primary researcher must present work.

How to Submit an Abstract

To submit an abstract for a conference paper or student poster go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X9X9BKC. Complete the online form with your contact information and upload an abstract of 100-250 words clearly describing the technical breakthrough or discovery that will be presented and how it applies to flexible and printed electronics products.

Preference will be given to original research and advancements in process and materials, to end users, potential end users and to presentations which commit to live demonstrations in the Technology Showcase area, which will be scheduled immediately following the presentation.

2017FLEX is a technical conference and abstracts should be prepared for a technical audience who wish to hear relevant, scientific data on notable breakthroughs. Abstracts focused only on promoting new products or services, without consideration to the problem solved and science behind the concept, will not be accepted. Abstracts should not contain tables, charts or pictures. SEMI, FlexTech, NBMC and NextFlex members will receive priority consideration.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Abstracts: FEBRUARY 15, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: FEBRUARY 28, 2017
  • Final Presentation Due: JUNE 12, 2017

Benefits of Presenting

Be recognized as a leader in this exciting and market-disrupting field of electronics. Selected presenters will receive acknowledgement in the 2017FLEX program guide, on the conference website and in the conference proceedings. Speakers also receive a significantly discounted conference registration fee and are eligible for discounts on exhibition and sponsorship pricing.

Call for Papers – Topics of Interest*

Strategy & Business


  • Road Maps for Flexible Printed & Hybrid Electronics
  • Strategies for Bringing Products to Market
  • National Program Overviews (worldwide)
  • Success Stories, including Partner Strategies
  • Design to Manufacturing Challenges
  • Supply Chain Ownership Models
  • Pilot line Manufacturing Case Studies
  • Technical Gaps Analysis
  • Integration Strategies

End Market Requirements & Case Studies 

  • Aircraft & Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Wearables and Textiles
  • Environmental Monitoring & Sensing
  • Smart Buildings
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Packaging, Smart Labels and Retail
  • Security and Asset Monitoring
  • Smart Surfaces & Lighting
  • Solar & Photovoltaic

Flexible Electrical Components

  • TFTs, Memory and Logic
  • Sensors
  • Software, Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Flexible Displays
  • Batteries and Energy Sources
  • Membrane Switches
  • Hybrid Devices
  • MEMS
  • RFID, NFC, other Communication Components
  • Antennas
  • Touch Technology
  • Solid State Lighting and OLEDs


  • Nonmenclature
  • Design and Modeling Software
  • Process & Manufacturing
  • Materials & Substrates

Processes and Manufacturing

  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Additive (3D) Printing
  • Hybrid Printing Processes
  • Roll to Roll and Web Processing
  • Deposition Techniques and Equipment
  • Imprint Lithography
  • Integration of Hybrid Devices
  • System Interconnects
  • Component Interconnects
  • Metrology
  • Pick & Place Tools & Strategies
  • Tooling Strategies
  • Testing
  • Failure & Lifetime Reliability
  • Repeatability
  • Recycling & Disposal


  • Substrates and Substrate Treatments
  • Conductors, Insulators, Semiconductors
  • Functional Inks
  • Nanomaterials and Graphene
  • Bio-markers & Recognition Elements
  • Adhesives and Encapsulants
  • ITO and ITO Replacements
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Bio-compatible Materials
  • Barrier Films
  • Electronic Fibers and Fabrics


*abstracts on topics not included in this list will be reviewed for applicability