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Intel Says 450mm Will Deploy Later in Decade
Intel, one of the five members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s G450C, says that it is still on track to move its manufacturing to the larger, 450mm wafers that are being developed at the SUNY CNSE but some obstacles exist. (Larry Rulison, Times Union, Mar 18)

450mm Standards Update — March 2014
SEMI has published more than 19 Standards for 450mm generation.  New standards are being created to facilitate supplier and user for material and equipment.  Revisions to published standards are needed as improvements are constantly identified. (SEMI, Mar 4)

No Technical Barriers Seen for 450mm
Paul Farrar, GM of the G450C, said early work has demonstrated good results and that he sees no real barriers to implementing 450mm wafers from a technical standpoint. Speaking at the SEMI ISS meeting in January, Farrar showed impressive results from etch... (Pete Singer, SST, Feb 19)

450 May Never Happen, says Micron CEO
450mm  may never happen, according to Mark Durcan, CEO of Micron, the world’s fourth largest semiconductor company. “I am not convinced that 450mm will ever happen but, to the extent that it does, it’s a long way out in the future,” says Durcan...  (David Manners, Electronics Weekly, Feb 11) 

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Governor Cuomo Announces Milestone for Global 450mm Consortium  (Governor's Office, April 2)

G450C Names TSMC Official to a Top Post (Times Union, Mar 25)

ASML: Chip Makers Calling Shots on 450mm Pause (Times Union, Mar 19)

450mm Update: SEMI Standards (SEMI, Mar 2014)

Death of Moore's Law: EUV Rollout Slowed, 450mm Wafers Halted, Uncertain Path  (SST, Mar 18)

Why 450mm Will Be Pushed Back Even Further (EE Times, Feb 28)

G450C Selects SOKUDO Immersion ArF Lithography Track to Be Added to Dainippon Screen's 450mm Tool Set in New York (WSJ, Feb 24)

Executive Insight: Luc Van den Hove (SemiEngineering, Feb 20)

Faltering 450mm? (ElecWeekly, Jan 27)

The State of 450mm and Intel Gossip (SemiWiki, Jan 14)

450 an Economic Issue (SEMI, Jan 8)

SEMI Members and Industry Partners Discuss EHS Challenges for the 450mm Wafer Transition (SEMI, Jan 8)

Doubts over 450mm and EUV (ElectronicsWeekly, Dec 30)

Analysis: ASML stops 450mm dead (SemiAccurate, Dec 18)

TSMC: 3D, 450mm, CoWoS and More (SemiWiki, Dec 18)

Defective R&D Funding Models (SemiEngin, Dec 12)

SEMICON West “Call for Papers" for New Semiconductor Technology Symposium, Science Park and TechXPOTs (SEMI, Dec 11)

The Future of the Fab (, Dec 2)

Focus on the “Power of Innovation” — with Keynotes from AIST, GlobalFoundries, and Soitec at SEMICON Japan 2013  (SEMI, Nov 6)

10+ Presentations from SEMICON Europa 2013 posted: see "Papers/Presentations/Resources" section

SEMICON Europa 2013: Where Does Europe Stand in 450mm Path? (Chakraborty Blog, Nov 1)

Gartner: Chip Industry Tracking toward 450mm Production in 2018  (Oregonian, Oct 31)

Extreme Ultraviolet Litho: Extremely Late and Can't Even Save Moore's Law (Register, Oct 18)

Nov 7 Webinar: Next-Generation Metrology and Inspection (SST, Oct 18)

Intel Stands Firm on 450mm; Challenged by Defects at 14nm (SemiMD, Oct 17)

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June 3: Brussels Forum 2014

Jul 8-10: SEMICON West 2014 

Sep 3-5: SEMICON Taiwan 2014

Oct 7-9: SEMICON Europa 2014 (Grenoble)

Dec 3-5: SEMICON Japan 2014

Feb 4-6: SEMICON Korea 2015

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EEMI450 Update and Wrap-up -- Bas van Nooten, Semi Consulting (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium, Feb 2013)

SMART2010/062 Report on 450mm Mfg -- M. Penn, Future Horizons (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium, Feb 2013)

450mm Collaborations: Viewpoint from SME -- Alain Jarre, Recif Technologies (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium, Feb 2013)

IMEC 450mm Pilot Line and Related Technologies -- Hans Lebon, imec (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium, Feb 2014)

Optical CD Metrology and the Metro 450 Program -- Shay Wolfling, Nova (450 Metro, Israel, Jan 2014)

Advanced Motion Systems -- Nir Karasikov, Nanomotion (450 Metro, Israel, Jan 2014)

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tech and prods

SOKUDO Immersion ArF Litho Track--Added to Dainippon Screen 450mm Tool Set at G450C (Dainippon, Feb 2014)

New System Doubles Positioning Speed for 450mm (Schneeberger, Feb 2014)

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semi standards

450mm Update: SEMI Standards (SEMI, Mar 2014)

450mm Standards at SEMI (SEMI, Jan 2014)

450mm Standards Update (SEMI, Aug 2013) 

SEMI Standards: Enabling the 450mm Transition (SEMI, May 2013) 

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