August 2007

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From the Director

Green to Gold: Be Strategic—not Tactical

Green Really is Gold, according to Goldman Sachs Study

Green looks greener

FSI Studies Wastewater Process

Industry Leaders Choose Global Care

European EHS Directives Drive de facto World Standards

Events Calendar

FYI Links: Focus on NetRegs

Hot Events

SEMICON Taiwan 2007
September 12–14
Taipei, Taiwan

SEMICON Europa 2007
October 9–11
Stuttgart, Germany

ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness
October 24–25
Austin, Texas, USA

SEMI North American Standards Meeting
October 28–
November 1
San Diego, California, USA

Silane Safety Seminar
November 1–2

SEMI International Trade Partners Conference
November 4–7
Maui, Hawaii, USA

Global Care Principles

• Workplace Health
  and Safety
• Resource
• Product
• Community Service
• Excellence

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From the Director

Dear Colleagues:

Coming on the heels of a very successful SEMICON® West, we find that there's no rest for the weary. Meetings and programs covered an array of topics from energy conservation to RoHS and REACH to the Global Care executive lunch featuring Dan Esty, co-author of the best selling "Green to Gold—How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage." Our goal remains to keep members informed on topical EHS issues that impact their business and create opportunities.

Also, please join me in welcoming Sanjay Baliga to the EHS Division as our senior manager, EHS projects. A bit about Sanjay: Sanjay comes to us from Washington, D.C., where he was an independent consultant providing regulatory, scientific, and technical consulting services to a wide variety of chemical industry companies, trade associations and research councils—many in emerging markets. As part of his work, he responded to international regulatory initiatives to advance client interests. Sanjay's academic background includes a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Environmental Studies from Yale University (expected in 2007) and a master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Michigan.

Aimee Bordeaux

Green to Gold: Be Strategic—not Tactical
How do you build a competitive advantage from being “green”? At SEMICON West, Daniel C. Esty, co-author of the best-selling book Green to Gold, explained how companies can profit from environmental strategy... (More)

Green Really is Gold, according to Goldman Sachs Study
By Margo Alderton, The CRO
In July 2007, investment bank Goldman Sachs released a report stating that companies that are considered leaders in environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies also lead the pack in stock performance—by an average of 25 percent. (More)


Green looks greener

By Ed Sperling, Editor-in-Chief—Electronic News, 5/4/2007
Brian Halla, chairman and chief executive of National Semiconductor, sat down with Electronic News/Electronic Business to talk about his company’s future direction, public policy and what’s wrong with the electronics industry. What follows are excerpts of that discussion. (More)

EHS Success Story:

FSI Studies Wastewater Process—and Saves $94,000

Water schematic and analytic, hands-on process review result in fee reduction and environmental improvements ... (More)

Industry Leaders Choose Global Care
Global Care is the semiconductor equipment and material industry initiative which establishes a framework for companies to strengthen commitments to sustainability and EHS programs. Joining is easy ... (More)

European EHS Directives Drive de facto World Standards
RoHS and REACH are very different from traditional environmental legislation. These European directives are driving de facto world standards that have strategic implications for our industry ... (More)

Events Calendar

SEMICON Taiwan 2007
September 12–14, Taipei, Taiwan SEMICON Europa 2007
October 9–11, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Photovoltaic: Mobilizing Clean Technology
    The growing global interest in renewable energy has fueled advances in photovoltaics. The 3rd Advanced Photovoltaic Manufacturing Conference offers critical information on the latest developments in photovoltaic materials, equipment, and manufacturing. (October 10–11)

  • Implementing REACH
    This workshop provides practical guidelines and an exchange of best practices for the implementation of the EU regulation on REACH. (October 11)
IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society *
October 22–23, Longmont, Colorado
The IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering provides attendees an interactive experience on the latest advancements of compliance engineering.

ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness **
October 24–25, Austin, Texas
The symposium includes EHS sessions plus workshops on focusing on EHS regulations and energy conservation.

SEMI North American Standards Fall Meeting
October 28–November 1, San Diego, California, USA
Meetings include Standards EHS committee and task forces.

Silane Safety Seminar **
November 1–2, Singapore
Leading industry experts discuss the properties of Silane, risk management and standards.

SEMI International Trade Partners Conference
November 4–7, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Full Conference Agenda is located here.
  • How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage With Featured Speaker, Andrew Winston, co-author of Green to Gold. (November 5)
  • Executive Panel on Sustainability: How Can I be Green?
    Responsible eco-friendly performance is a critical factor to sustainable corporate growth. (November 6)
SEMICON Japan 2007
December 5–7, Chiba, Japan

For a full calendar of events, click here.

*A non-SEMI driven event
**A co-sponsored event

FYI Links: Focus on NetRegs
NetRegs is a partnership between three United Kingdom regulatory agencies that helps small and medium-sized businesses comply with environmental regulations in the UK.If you know of any other relevant EHS web-sites that you would like to share with others, please email us the links and we'll consider including them in the next newsletter.

BURNING ISSUE: I want SEMI to help my company
(choose up to three)...
Understand long-established government regulations.
Understand newly established government regulations.
Understand long-term future trends in government regulations.
Promote the safety and health of workers.
Promote the safety and health of communities near my facilities.
Save money by conserving scarce resources (e.g., energy,
materials, etc.)
Design and promote environmentally-benign materials, devices,
products and services.
Work with business partners up the supply-chain so they meet
EHS expectations.
Meet the EHS expectations from business partners down the
Pay more attention to EHS issues, especially at the executive
Help me in putting a sustainability plan in place.

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