February 2011

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Capitol Commentary: State of the Union Speech and SEMI Policy Priorities

2011 Outlook for Semiconductor Fab Materials

2011 ISS-U.S. Blue Chip Panel

Materials Era Over?

The Evolution of UV Photopolymerization

SEMI Taiwan Members Prospect New Business Opportunities in the IC Industry

After 38 Years, Standards Still Play an Essential Role

All "5 Star" Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers are SEMI Members

A Technology Roadmap for PV - 2011 is the Year to Be Heard!

Capitol Commentary

Maggie HersheyState of the Union Speech Outlines Support for Many SEMI Policy Priorities

As is required by the Constitution and honored by tradition, President Obama addressed Congress and the nation in the annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 25. The assembled Members of Congress made a statement of bipartisanship by sitting together for the speech, as opposed to the normally divided chamber. In his speech, the President made many remarks about the future of our nation and how we can get there together. Much of what the President had to say is good news for SEMI members and our industry.

Support for Innovation
One of the major themes of this address to the nation was the message that innovation is key to "winning the future." Two years ago, the President called for a level of research and development that had not been seen since the height of the "space race." (more)

Maggie Hershey
Senior Director
SEMI Americas Public Policy

Learn IC Design Online
UC Berkeley Extension offers 12 online courses in IC design that you can start at anytime. Earn a certificate or just take courses to build the skills you need. Optional Mandarin soundtrack available. Find out more.

2011 Outlook for Semiconductor Fab Materials
By Dan Tracy, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
The record levels for semiconductor sales, in both revenues and units, generated tremendous growth in the semiconductor materials market. Total silicon wafer shipments, from the wafer suppliers to the fabs, grew 40 percent in 2010.

2011 ISS-U.S. Blue Chip Panel
Excerpts from the ISS 2011 Blue Chip CEO panel: Bob Akins, CEO of Cymer; Aart de Geus, CEO of Synopsys; Nobu Koshiba, president of JSR; Bill Noglows, CEO of Cabot Microelectronics; Michael Splinter, CEO of Applied Materials; and Doug Neugold, CEO of ATMI.

Materials Era Over?
New Semiconductor Architectures Will Drive Innovation, Opportunities for Materials Suppliers
Is the materials era ending in the semiconductor industry? Will the scaling drivers that enabled opportunities in resists, strained silicon, high-k metal gate, Cu-interconnects, low-k dielectrics, and other areas continue for materials suppliers? Speakers at the recent SMC cover these questions and more.

What's next for the
Compound Semiconductor Industry?

CSEurope Conference, 22 March, Hilton Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany. Pioneering companies discuss opportunities for compound semiconductors. For the insider view, book your place at CS Europe. www.cseurope.net

The Evolution of UV Photopolymerization
Global Industrial Manufacturing Markets and Outlook for the Future
By David Harbourne, Fusion UV Systems, Inc.
This paper outlines the UV photopolymerization process, and the economic, environmental and other benefits that the technology brings to a multiplicity of industrial manufacturing industries.

SEMI Taiwan Members Prospect New Business Opportunities in the IC Industry
Representatives of flagship institutes and corporations gathered at SEMI Taiwan Member's Day to share technology and market trends.

After 38 Years, Standards Still Play an Essential Role
By James Amano, director, SEMI International Standards
The first SEMI Standards Committee was formed in 1973 to address silicon wafer dimensional specifications. A proliferation of over 2,000 different wafer specifications existed then, leading to major inefficiencies at a time when the industry was just getting underway.

Exhibit at SEMICON Singapore 2011 (May 11-13)
--Business and technical programs along with a great exhibition hall bring qualified visitors to your booth
--Technology Pavilions for 3D-IC and Wafer Level Packaging, MEMS, LEDs, and more

All "5 Star" Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers are SEMI Members
VLSIresearch awarded its "five star" rating to 11 semiconductor equipment manufacturers this year. All 11 five star ratings went to SEMI members.

A Technology Roadmap for PV - 2011 is the Year to Be Heard!
The photovoltaic industry fared well in 2010 compared to other industries. However, looking forward it is predictable that the solar industry may be faced with business cycles similar to those in the semiconductor industry.


North America Events
HB-LED Manufacturing Growth & Transition Webinar
February 9, March 2, March 28

Strategies in Light Conference
February 22

CAST Workshop
March 8

uv.eb WEST 2011
March 8-9

Where will the Road lead us? The ITRS and More Moore
March 23

North America Standards Spring Mtgs
March 28-31

Asia Events
SEMICON China 2011
March 15-17

FPD China 2011
March 15-17

Europe Events
ISS Europe
February 27-March 1

PV Fab Managers Forum Europe
March 20-22

LED Lighting Summit
April 27-28


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