November 2009

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From the SEMI North America President—Creating New Horizons

Japan Leading Region into 2010

Plenty of Opportunity in Billion Dollar HB LED Materials Market

New Opto/LED Fab Watch: LEDs are a Rapid Growth Area

PV Industry Collaboration Survey— Results and Webinar

Global Climate Change Talk Heats Up

Printed Electronics Sector Looks for In-Line Inspection and Failure Analysis Tools

New SEMI Standards to Combat IC Chip Counterfeiting

From the SEMI® North America President

Jonathan Davis, President, SEMI North AmericaCreating New Horizons
Many economic indicators are pointing up, but we all know that the rebound won't be easy. Unlike previous downturns, moving beyond the current economic crisis will require a new set of approaches and solutions to position your company for growth and prosperity.

Many market leaders are re-inventing themselves as explosive growth occurs in new and emerging market segments. This year, the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium/U.S. (January 10-13) will feature insightful presentations from thought leaders at: (more)

Jonathan Davis

Japan Leading Region into 2010
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
According to the World Fab Forecast, Japan's share of worldwide fab capacity (including Discrete devices) remains unchanged in 2009 at about 25%, or 3.8 to 3.9 million wafers per month (in 200 mm equivalents).

Plenty of Opportunity in Billion Dollar HB LED Materials Market
High brightness LEDs' need for exotic substrates, metalorganics, high-temperature packaging materials and custom phosphors means that materials may account for up to 30% or more of packaged device cost, according to some estimates.

New Opto/LED Fab Watch: Rapid Growth
By Clark Tseng, SEMI Taiwan Industry Research and Statistics
With the rise of eco-friendly green lighting, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are now in the spotlight. Now SEMI offers the only database for Opto/LED fab information.

PV Industry Collaboration Survey
Will Key Findings Affect Industry Collaboration?

PV Group conducted this survey to ask PV stakeholders to weigh in— and they did. Virtually every top 10 company in each segment voiced its opinion.

Global Climate Change Talk Heats Up
New SEMI Working Group Formed

As the December 2009 Copenhagen follow-up Kyoto Protocol meeting approaches, the issue of global climate change heats up. Tough questions about the role of Green House Gases (GHGs) in global climate change resurface, especially related to how the issue will affect our industry.

Printed Electronics Sector Looks for In-Line Inspection and Failure Analysis Tools
Analysts see a $500-$600 million market for printed or flexible electronics this year, potentially exploding to a multi-billion dollar market within a few years, once some technical issues get resolved.

New SEMI Standards to Combat IC Chip Counterfeiting
SEMI has published new standards designed to facilitate identification of counterfeit IC chips. The SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force asked SEMI Standards to develop these consensus-based industry standards.


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SEMI Austin Outlook Forum
November 5

PV Group Global Industry Collaboration Webinar
November 18

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November 9-11

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4-5 November

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ASMC 2010
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