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From the Director

After many years of working in the high tech industry, I am now focusing on EHS issues from a whole new perspective. As a global trade association, it is imperative that SEMI look at EHS from the 20,000 foot elevation view, and work to facilitate industry–wide initiatives based on your input. The SEMI EHS Division can help to prioritize the issues, add clarity to the critical concerns facing members, and apply resources for responding to the challenges. In short, our role is to proactively help you deal with the toughest issues that may impact your business.

So what are the "Top EHS Issues"? In my four months at SEMI, I've been talking with other industry associations, SEMI member companies, and SEMI staff about how we can most effectively help member companies. The result is a list of the "Top 7" EHS issues (not in any particular order) that I think that SEMI should be involved in. Let me know if you think I am "on target" and how you would rank them. If you think that I'm "off target," please let me know what significant issues I missed.

Then, in upcoming newsletters, I'll share our strategy for responding to these issues.

Top 7 EHS Issues: (More)

Aaron Zude
Senior Director
SEMI EHS Division

Moving Forward
By Bob Akins
It is an honor to serve as the incoming chairman of the SEMI International Board of Directors. Stan Myers and I agree that an important focus for SEMI this year will be the extension of the work that's been done to address sustainability. Jerry Coder, past chairman of the SEMI Board, identified the imperative for our association to build upon and strengthen the Global Care principles that promote environmental, health and safety (EHS) leadership in the industry... (More)

Intel's EHS Focus on Reducing Absolute Environmental Footprint
At the SEMI Global Care Executive luncheon held at SEMICON West on July 15, Brian Krzanich (VP of Intel) described the advancements made by Intel in EHS performance over the last several years. The driving force behind the efforts, said Krzanich, was Intel's desire not only to reduce their environmental impact on a normalized scale, but to reduce the company's overall footprint on an absolute scale even as it grows... (More)

PV Industry Struggles With EHS Challenges
PV industry representatives from throughout Asia met at PV Power Taiwan on September 10, 2008 to discuss the growing challenges in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). The PV industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, creating enormous pressures on EHS needs and practices in the industry... (More)

Silane Safety Seminar for the PV Industry
In the past several years, PV and FPD manufacturers have significantly expanded the use of Silane gas. Recently, significant incidents have occurred with the use of Silane, highlighting the need to reinforce safe handling procedures. In co-sponsorship with SEMI, SSA Europe is organizing a Silane Safety Seminar on November 5 in Leuven, Belgium... (More)

REACH Webcast Archives Available
For the past year, SEMI, ISMI, ESIA, and SESHA have been collaborating to exchange information across the semiconductor industry supply chains for EU REACH regulatory compliance. As part of this process, SEMI hosted an informational webcast on Tuesday, September 30, focusing on the potential impacts of REACH Regulations on Articles, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and semiconductor devices / products... (More)

SEMI Members Invited to Participate in ISMI REACH Meeting
ISMI is hosting a REACH Meeting on Tuesday, October 21 (in Austin, Texas, USA) to discuss industry-wide action plans for REACH compliance. As part of the industry supply chain, SEMI member companies, including chemicals and equipment suppliers, are invited to participate in order to ensure common understanding of REACH applicability and identify approaches for REACH comformance...(More)

Events Calendar

ISMI Symposium
October 22–23, Austin, Texas

December 3–5, Chiba, Japan

  • "Sustainability— the Future of Semiconductors"
    Wed, Dec 3, 10:00am-12:25pm with: Takeho Hoshino, director, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Masashi Muromachi, corporate senior executive, VP, Toshiba; Tetsuro Higashi, chairman and CEO, Tokyo Electron; Frank Huang, chairman, Powership Semiconductor.

January 20–22; Seoul, Korea

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