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Industry Leaders Support SEMI Taiwan PV Standards Working Group

Advancements in FPD Create Need for Standardization

North America Standards Activities at SEMICON West 2008

Risk Assessment in the Workplace/ SEMI S10-0307 (PDF)

EHS Leaders Converge to Discuss Chemical Risk Management in SiH4/H2 in PV

Standards Workshops and Training at SEMICON West

IEC TC 113 Survey of Standards and Measurements Needs for Nano-electro-technology



From the Director's Desk

35 Years and Counting

When I recently took the job as Director of International Standards after 8 years being engaged in standards activities for SEMI (Bettina Weiss, the former director, is now running North America's PV activities), I knew this would be exciting year. Not only are we celebrating the 35th anniversary of SEMI International Standards, there probably has never been a more diverse or active agenda than the present time.

Although the SEMI International Standards program is firmly established in North America and Japan, some of the more exciting developments are coming out of technical committees in Europe, Korea, and Taiwan. FPD standardization work has been happening in Korea for the past few years, and is now picking up serious momentum, and working groups are being formed for EHS, Equipment Automation, and Facilities. Taiwan also shows similar growth, with increasing interest in the activities of the EHS and I&C Committees. In photovoltaics, we have now standards committees in the US and Europe with several task forces and working groups, including the formation of a PV working group in Taiwan.

Of course, standards activities in more "established" regions continue with SEMICON West right around the corner, and several committees meeting this summer in Japan (click here for the Japan meetings calendar). Developments in fab productivity, next generation fabs, the emergence of new materials, and other issues promise to keep the Committee agendas demanding.

In addition to committee meetings, several Standards Technical Education Programs will be offered at SEMICON West.

I am looking forward to working closely with more of you in all parts of the world and in all industry segments, and hope to meet many of you at SEMICON West. If there is anything I can do help your standards efforts or to keep you better informed, send me an email and let me know. Together we can make the next 35 years as fun and productive as the first.

Best wishes,

James Amano

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