Volume 3, Issue 1



In This Issue for February

Reducing Energy and Carbon Footprint at Fabs: a New Focus for SEMI Standards

An Interview with David Bricker, Semitool Corporation: SECS/GEM as the Foundation of "Modern Era" Software Standards

Standards International Collaboration Award Winners Announced at SEMICON Japan

Korean Standards Advisory Committee (KSAC) at SEMICON Korea 2008

News from the Manufacturing Technology Forum (MTF)

SEMI Europe Standards Spring Meetings:Including Photovoltaic Conference

SEMI North America Standards Meetings

2009 International Conference on Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics

IEC TC 113 on Nano-electro-technology Needs You



From the Director's Desk

Copyright Protection—The Quest Continues!

In an effort to provide you with the most current information on our quest for copyright compliance and protection of our Standards for our members as well as SEMI® staff, we are pleased to report that SEMI's global employees are ready to take their first online IP Shield course "Copyright Aware™". Copyright Aware is a short, basic but comprehensive elearning course that provides information on copyright law, the most common violations and what to look out for when you handle copyright-protected content. SEMI staff in Standards positions will then take 8 additional courses that are Standards focused and delve deeper into questions such as:

  • What exactly are Standards and why are they used?
  • What is conformity assessment and how does it relate to Standards?
  • What is the role of Standards in the global marketplace and international trade?
  • What is the strategic use of Standards by companies and government agencies?
Sounds interesting? Well, after SEMI staff has completed the suite of courses, we will make them available to our customers, as an option, when you purchase a Standards products, be it an individual download, a subscription or license. It will help you better understand what's involved when purchasing a product that is copyright-protected, and it will help your company protect itself against accidental copyright violation.

Protecting copyright is a noble quest—that's why we want to pursue tighter compliance in concert with you, our customers. Join the quest for safe and legal use of copyrighted material and help protect the SEMI Standards franchise, so that the Standards the industry needs will continue to be valuable tools in moving our businesses forward.

Bettina Weiss

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