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August 2007

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Despite falling prices for memory chips, companies spend big time!

Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Launched by SEMI® and SIA

SEMI Launches Website Dedicated to FPD

Green to Gold: Be Strategic–not Tactical

Standards Task Force Established on 450 mm Wafer Handling

Air Products Promotes Global Philanthropy through Education Initiatives

MEMS for the Masses

Nano, MEMS and Energy Presentations Available on!


Despite falling prices for memory chips, companies spend big time!
Article by Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, Senior Analyst, Lara Chamness Senior Market Analyst, SEMI, Industry Research & Statistics, San Jose, California, August 1, 2007
Companies gamble on increase in demand for DRAM and Flash. Has the industry entered into another period of irrational exuberance? Who are the major players driving capex and why?

Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Launched by SEMI and SIA
Due to a pervasive problem with counterfeit products, billions of dollars in revenue are lost each year. Both the SIA and SEMI are concerned about this growing global problem, and have launched a new joint task force to address the issue.

SEMI Launches Website Dedicated to FPD
To highlight challenges and opportunities in the flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing industry, SEMI has launched FPD Today (, a website dedicated to fostering growth and profitability across the entire FPD supply chain.

Green to Gold: Be Strategic—not Tactical
How do you build a competitive advantage from being “green”? At SEMICON® West, Daniel C. Esty, co-author of the best-selling book Green to Gold, explained how companies can profit from environmental strategy.

Standards Task Force Established on 450 mm Wafer Handling
In March 2007, the Silicon Wafer Committee approved a Task Force to explore technical requirements—and possibly develop an industry-wide standard—for 450 mm test wafers. A Standards New Activity Request Form (SNARF) was developed, outlining the scope of the activity.

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Air Products Promotes Global Philanthropy through Education Initiatives
There are two vital elements required for innovation—money and people. In many cases, venture capital funding is available for the latest and greatest ideas, but an innovation bottleneck comes as the result of a shortage of qualified candidates to fill new technical positions.

Thin-film Solar Edges Close to Production
North America may be transforming into a market for novelty solar cells, after loosing its lead in silicon solar manufacturing. SEMI members can access this story in the July 2007 issue of "Nano News" at, e-newsletters.

MEMS for the Masses
Overall growth outlook is positive for most categories of MEMS, particularly those destined for new consumer applications, such as accelerometers, micro displays, silicon microphones and gyroscopes.

Gyroscopes take on Consumer Electronics Market
Gyroscopes are making their way into more and more consumer electronics applications. SEMI members can access this story in the August 2007 issue of "MEMS Minute" at, e-newsletters.

Nano, MEMS and Energy Presentations Available on!
If you missed the great presentations at the Emerging Technologies & Markets TechXPOT, they are now available at, select visitors, then TechXPOTs then Emerging Technologies & Markets TechXPOT. Select the session in the agenda and the pdf links are available on the detail page.

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Industry Strategy and Technology Forum 2007
September 4–5

SEMICON Taiwan 2007
September 12–14

Beijing Advanced Semiconductor Technology Symposium
October 18–19

FPD International 2007
October 24–26


SEMICON Europa 2007
October 9–11

North America

Silicon Valley Lunch Forum
August 16

SEMI Pacific Northwest Golf Tournament
September 12

New England Breakfast Forum
September 19

Semiconductor Processing Technology (SPT)
October 2–4

Fundamentals of Product Marketing
October 17–19

SEMI Awards Dinner
October 17

Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry
October 24–26

North America Standards Autumn Meetings
October 28–November 1

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ASMC 2008
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SEMICON Korea 2008 SEMI Technology Symposium
Abstract Due: September 15


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