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December 2006


  Oral History Interview: Arthur W. Zafiropoulo  
  New Articles
  • Japan—A Spending Leader in Semiconductor Equipment
  • SEMI Foundation’s High Tech U Program
      Quarterly Report to Members  
      U.S. Public Policy  
      Highlighted Events  
      International Standards  
      Products and Services  
      Emerging Technologies and Markets  
      Interested in Exhibiting?  
      Call for Papers  
    Oral History Interview

    Arthur W. Zafiropoulo

    Interviewed by Craig Addison, SEMI

    To record and preserve the history of the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, SEMI presents oral history archives featuring interviews with industry pioneers. In a continuing series Art Zafiropoulo, founder of Drytek and CEO of Ultratech, tells his story

    Read all other interviews.


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    Arthur W. Zafiropoulo

    New Articles

    Japan—A Spending Leader in Semiconductor Equipment
    by Dan Tracy, senior director, and Lara Chamness, senior market analyst, Industry Research and Statistics group
    While some may perceive that the semiconductor industry in Japan has been flat or even has declined, Japan remains the global region with the largest overall installed fab capacity and is expected to remain so for some time to come.

    SEMI Foundation’s High Tech U Program
    2006—A Year of Firsts: Going Global in Singapore and Japan

    SEMI Foundation recorded firsts for its High Tech U program as it launched a program replication model in the U.S. Southwest; took the program global; delivered an all-girls program; and became the recipient of the first fundraiser outside the U.S.


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    Quarterly Report to Members

    The Quarterly Report to Members shows how companies are taking advantage of everything SEMI has to offer. We all know that results count. Meet some SEMI Members, and see how they are getting real value from their membership with SEMI.


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    U.S. Public Policy

    New Intellectual Property Section on SEMI Portal
    Many SEMI members are increasingly concerned about intellectual property (IP) protection.  The SEMI portal’s new IP section contains information, best practices and resources.

    Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2007
    SEMI North America is a co-sponsor of this February 7 conference organized by the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council. This is the fourth in a series focusing on challenges and opportunities of the U.S., mainland China and Taiwanese semiconductor markets.


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    EHS Events at SEMICON Japan

    • Presentation of the Akira Inoue Award at the SEMICON® Japan 30th Anniversary Gala
    • International EHS Compliance and Regulatory Seminar EU and Asian RoHS
    • 7th Annual SEMI Global Environment Symposium Energy Saving in Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Click here for more EHS events.


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    Highlighted Events

    SEMICON Japan 2006
    December 6–8
    Chiba, Japan
    SEMICON Japan is the region’s premier tradeshow for semiconductor and related microelectronics manufacturing. Register NOW for three full days of exhibits, education and networking—see and hear what’s driving the industry in Japan.

     ISS 2007—Insights Shaping the Industry
    January 7–10
    Half Moon Bay, California
    Don't miss the industry's leading forecast conference, where top executives, analysts and economists explore market opportunities and the shifting business environment. A discount package is available for attending both ISS and SMC.

    SMC 2007—Expert Insights on Semiconductor Materials
    January 10–12
    Half Moon Bay, California
    Plan now to attend SMC, the only conference that addresses the broad-ranging business opportunities and challenges confronting semiconductor materials suppliers. A discount package is available for attending both SMC and ISS.

    SEMICON Korea 2007
    January 31–February 2
    Seoul, Korea Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX)
    SEMICON Korea connects you to the technologies, trends, ideas and opportunities driving the growth of Korea’s microelectronics and display industries with more than 1,000 of the most innovative technology companies in the world.

    ISS Europe 2007
    February 4–6
    Zurich, Switzerland
    The premier forum where international executives gather to discuss our industry’s future in Europe. Join us for this 20th edition on the theme of “Mobilizing Europe’s Strengths.” Guest Speaker: Stéphane Garelli, author of the World Competitiveness report.




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    International Standards

    SEMI Standards Meetings and Workshops at SEMICON Japan

    • e-Manufacturing Workshop
    • ESF Workshop
    • STEP S2-0706
    • MTF Workshop
    • Transition to Next Generation Wafer
    • SEMI Standards Friendship Reception and Member Recognition Awards Ceremony—Join us in showing our appreciation for our volunteers.

    NIST Conducting Adoption and Economic Impact Study
    Participation in a survey to determine the impact of measurement and metrology capabilities. This is the first comprehensive analysis of the economic value of the measurement infrastructure supporting the U.S. semiconductor supply chain.





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    Products and Services

    Featured Products:

    China TFT-LCD Industry Report
    This comprehensive market report provides insight into China’s TFT-LCD fabs and its equipment and material spending. An essential business reference for any company considering entry into or currently doing business in the rapidly growing TFT-LCD market.

    China Domestic Fab Equipment Suppliers
    This report provides information on major domestic equipment manufacturers in China and includes sales, capabilities, supply chain dependencies. Contains equipment offerings for semiconductor, solar cell, and LED manufacturing.

    China Semiconductor Wafer Fab and Foundry Outlook
    Which fab and foundry projects in China projects are real, and which others are yet to start? Find out in this new report from SEMI.




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    Emerging Technologies and Markets: Nanotechnology, MEMS & Energy

    Innovation Hall @ SEMICON Japan
    Going to SEMICON Japan? Be sure to visit Innovation Hall to learn the latest in Emerging Technologies. Exhibits, FREE technical seminars and exhibitor presentations on nanotechnology, MEMS, photovoltaic, manufacturing-engineering are all in one location.

    SEMI NanoForum presentations on
    Miss SEMI NanoForum? Well you can access a few of the top-rated presentations and summary articles by visiting focused on nano energy, nano electronics and more.

    Nano and MEMS Standards and Roadmap Summaries on!

    Visit to find recently updated summaries of global nano standard and roadmap efforts around the globe and the implications of these efforts to SEMI members.

    Visit to find a new summary of global MEMS standards and roadmap efforts and how to get involved.



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    Interested in Exhibiting?

    Technology Innovation Showcase 2007
    Have an innovative new product or solution for advanced micro or nanoelectronics manufacturing? Apply now for the Technology Innovation Showcase at SEMICON West 2007—putting the spotlight on companies advancing Moore's Law to its limits and beyond.

    Click here for other exhibit opportunities.




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    Call for Papers

    SEMICON Singapore 2007—Test, Assembly & Packaging
    The Call for Papers has been extended until December 15, 2006.  Submit your abstracts now.



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