August 2009

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EU Machinery Directive Working Group

Federal EHS Directions Changing in U.S.

PV Manufacturing Topics Covered at EHS Symposium

Nano Green Technology Wins Best of West Award

SEMICON Taiwan PV EHS Workshop

SESHA Mini-Conference on PV Issues at Axcelis

SEMI Members Essential to a Sustainable World Energy Future

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SESHA Mini-Conference
August 20
Boston, MA, USA

September 30-October 2
Taipei, Taiwan

October 6-8
Dresden, Germany

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From the Director

SEMICON West 2009
and EHS Uncertainty

During the SEMICON West 2009 show, I had a number of hallway conversations about the existing economic state of the semiconductor business, the resultant impact on EH&S staffing and programs, and the possible opportunities in photovoltaic, flat panel display and solid state lighting manufacturing for career change. From these discussions, and others that took place during the EHS working group meetings and workshops, I sensed a general mixture of concern about job security-- and trepidation about the prospect of starting a new career in another industry... (more)

Aaron Zude
Senior Director, SEMI EHS Division

EU Machinery Directive Working Group
Learn about the revised EU Machinery Directive (MD), a directive ensuring safety and health requirements in the design and operation of machinery, effective December 29, 2009. The New EU MD 2006/42/EC will have an impact on the semiconductor industry. To address possible industry-wide compliance challenges of these changes, the SEMI ICRC held a set of meetings in July... (More)

Federal EHS Directions Changing in U.S.
At SEMICON West 2009, SEMI EHS held a seminar on federal EHS directions. The seven speakers focused on the role and future influence of the government in the semiconductor industry for environmental protection, including both setting guidelines and restrictions for semiconductor materials and parts manufacturers... (More)

PV Manufacturing Topics Covered at EHS Symposium
On July 16, the SEMI EHS Division held an informational seminar on photovoltaic manufacturing at SEMICON West 2009 in San Francisco, California. Five key speakers presented their views, including... (More)

Nano Green Technology Wins Best of West Award
SEMI today announced that Nano Green Technology is the recipient of the 2009 SEMI Best of West award, in recognition of their new products introduced at SEMICON West, the largest and most influential microelectronics exposition in North America. The Best of West winner and finalists were selected by... (More)

SEMICON Taiwan PV EHS Workshop
In conjunction with SEMICON Taiwan 2009, SEMI will host a workshop for personnel at PV manufacturing sites who have responsibilities in the areas of: EH&S, process tool installation; process tool maintenance; specialty gas and chemical delivery systems; fire protection; and ...(More)

SESHA Mini-Conference at Axcelis
SESHA is holding a mini-conference on August 20 at Axcelis Technologies in Beverly, MA, USA. The conference will cover various EHS issues for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related high technology industries. Event will be simulcast on the internet... (More)

SEMI Members Essential to a Sustainable World Energy Future
SEMI members are at the forefront in reducing fossil fuel consumption and mitigate climate change. Technical achievements in manufacturing equipment and materials are among the primary sources of enormous increases in energy efficiency in computers, home appliances and industry, driving the rapid adoption of solar photovoltaics, fuel cells and solid state lighting... (More)

Events Calendar

SESHA Mini-Conference
August 20, Boston, MA, USA

SEMICON Taiwan 2009
September 30-October 2, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan

SEMICON Europa 2009
October 6-8, 2009, Dresden, Germany

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