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In This Issue for March 2009

Setting a New Standard: SEMIViews

Hermeticity Evaluation of MEMS

PV Standards: A comprehensive overview

Korea Standards Activities at SEMICON Korea

IP Presentation from Japan Planning Meeting

EHS S12 Standardizing Decontamination of Manufacturing Equipment

Global PV Standards Guidance Document Confirms Cost Savings to Industry

Standards Member Interviews (Video)


NA Spring Meetings

Europe Spring Meetings

SEMI–DOE Workshop on c-Si Terrestrial Photovoltaic Cells

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From the Director's Desk

SEMI Publishes New PV Standard

The demand for quality silicon has been rising as the demand for solar power and photovoltaic cells to produce power has soared in recent years. A major problem with sourcing this material has been the lack of a standardized test method for detecting elemental impurities in photovoltaic silicon feedstock, as the purity level can have an impact on solar cell efficiency as well as the productivity of some processes used to transform the PV Si feedstock into solar cells. To answer that need, SEMI has released PV1-0309: "Test Method for Measuring Trace Elements in Photovoltaic-Grade Silicon by High-Mass Resolution Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry" in the March 2009 publication cycle.

This Standard was developed by the International PV Analytical Test Methods Task Force (TF), led by Richard Hockett of Evans Analytical Group. The International PV Analytical Test Methods TF was formed in fall of 2007, and over the course of one full year and three Task Force meetings was able to develop industry consensus and finish work on this first Standard. Hockett described the need for the Standard, stating "Although the total annual volume of silicon feedstock that goes into silicon solar cells has now surpassed the total annual volume of polysilicon used in the silicon semiconductor industry, SEMI PV1 is the first standard test method that specifically addresses the evaluation of some types of PV Silicon feedstock. By standardizing this test method, the PV industry now has an international "ruler" that can be used for commerce." (Read more...)

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Register Now for the NA Standards Spring 2009 Meetings
The NA Standards Spring 2009 meetings will take place on March 29 through April 2 at the Sheraton-San Jose Hotel in Milpitas, California. This meeting set will host 10 committees and over 60 task forces engaged in various standardization activities including:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting (Preventing/Detecting Semiconductor Counterfeit Products)
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines
  • Factory Automation Hardware and Software
  • MEMS
  • Photovoltaic
To register or for more information about the meetings, including the SEMI room rate at the Sheraton-San Jose Hotel, please visit the NA Standards Spring 2009 Meetings web page.


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