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Fab Investment Activity during the Downturn

SEMIViews: SEMI Standards Now Available Online

U.S. Stimulus Update on Funding Opportunities

Extreme Electronics Showcases New Opportunities in Emerging Technologies

MEMS Industry Group Launches MEMS Marketplace

Chemical Information Management—Upstream and Downstream

MINAM's Next Challenge: Preparing for a $2.5 Trillion Global Market

SEMI Partners with WSC, ISMI, and ITRS for Energy Conservation Roadmap

Core Issues in Flexible Display Technique

Engineering as a Career Choice? Stanford Engineering Dean Sounds Off

From the SEMI® North America President
Jonathan Davis, President, SEMI North America

Advanced Manufacturing in the U.S.— Worth Fighting For

Welcome to the first North American edition of SEMI Global Update. In the past, we sent out one newsletter with global news, but our readers have asked for more targeted information geared to their regions and interests. The North American edition will feature the same attention to market, technology, and standards typically found in Global Update, with more emphasis on public policy and events in the U.S.

These are critical times for our industry, especially in the United States. Increasingly, advanced semiconductor manufacturing is moving to Asia— taking business, jobs and opportunities with it. While Intel has announced $7 billion over the next two years to support 32 nm manufacturing at three U.S. sites and AMD is planning to enter a new era as foundry manufacturer, the overall trend towards Asia is unmistakable. (more)

Jonathan Davis

Fab Investment Activity during the Downturn
Key Investments in MPU Sector
Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
Investment levels are the lowest in over a decade. Spending on fab construction projects in 2009 is expected to be under $2 billion— the lowest level since 1999. Spending on equipping Front End facilities is expected to decline by 55% to under $12 billion in 2009, which is the lowest level since 1994.

SEMIViewsSEMIViews: SEMI Standards Now Available Online in a Web 2.0 Format
SEMI introduces SEMIViews, a new delivery system for SEMI International Standards. All SEMI International Standards will soon be online in a powerful web 2.0 format. Standards professionals will be able to access, organize, annotate, and understand Standards easily with this new Standards management system.

U.S. Stimulus Update on Funding Opportunities
SEMI is committed to helping our members understand funding opportunities available from the U.S. Government. This economic stimulus bill update includes a summary of grant and loan guarantee opportunities on PV as well as other programs that are broader in scope which could include semiconductor equipment and materials companies.

Extreme ElectronicsExtreme Electronics Showcases New Opportunities in Emerging Technologies
New, emerging, and disruptive technologies are creating new business opportunities across the microelectronics supply chain. Learn about developments in MEMS, flexible electronics, solid state lighting, nano-electronics, and more at "Extreme Electronics"— SEMICON® West 2009, July 14-16.

MEMS Industry Group Launches MEMS Marketplace
Online Portal Gets MEMS Products in Front of OEMs

On March 16, MEMS Industry Group (MIG), the trade association representing the MEMS and microstructures industries, will launch MEMS MarketplaceTM, an online portal serving as a matchmaker for companies in the entire MEMS supply chain, from material suppliers to OEMs.

Aaron ZudeChemical Information Management—Upstream and Downstream
By Aaron Zude, SEMI EHS
Chemical information management is a pressing issue of concern for EHS professionals in the semiconductor and high technology supply chain. By information management, I mean the active engagement in collecting and responding to "upstream" sources of information, and the efficient participation in the "downstream" exchange of information.

ASMC 2009

Core Issues in Flexible Display Technique
By Sarah Han, DisplayBank
The ultimate flexible display is a combination of TFT-LCD and OLED techniques—with advances developed in various fields such as processing, component, and materials. Critical issues in flexible display techniques are discussed.

MINAMMINAM's Next Challenge: Preparing for a $2.6 Trillion Global Market
MINAM is the European consortium launched as a Euro working group for micro- and nano manufacturing leading to new product innovations, companies and jobs. Over the next 10 to 20 years, micro- and nanotechnologies will change almost every product on the market today.

SEMI Partners with WSC, ISMI, and ITRS to Develop an Energy Conservation Roadmap
SEMI is launching a new initiative to identify the current drivers, obstacles, and opportunities for advancing energy conservation of tools, processes and facilities. The roadmap will focus on energy conservation possibilities and the "path forward" to achieving those results.

Engineering as a Career Choice? Stanford Engineering Dean Sounds Off to HTU Students
At a recent SEMI HTU program at SEMI headquarters in San Jose, California, students gained valuable insights into pursuing engineering as a career. Jim Plummer, dean of the Stanford School of Engineering, presented and used the semiconductor industry as an example.


North America Events
SEMI Austin Technology Tuesday
March 24

Pacific Northwest PV Industry Lunch
March 25

SEMI New England Breakfast Forum
March 25

NA Standards Spring Meetings
March 29-April 2

SEMI Austin Breakfast Forum
April 1

CAST Meeting
April 1

SEMI Austin Networking Golf Outing
April 15

Silicon Valley Lunch Forum
April 23

March Classes
Intro to IC Design & Fabrication

Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Mgmt

May Classes
Fundamentals of Product Marketing

Principles of Selling

Asia Events
FPD China
March 11-13

March 17-19

March 17-19

Global FPD Partners Conference
April 9-10

SEMICON Singapore
May 20-22

SOLARCON Singapore
May 20-22

Europe Events
SEMI PV Fab Managers Forum
March 8-10

"The Silicon Chip" Industry Training Seminar
March 16

ASMC 2009
May 11-13

May 27-29


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