February 2009

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"Tough Go" until 2010

Recession... then Boom! McClean Defends his Optimism for the Industry

Opportunities Abound in China's Semiconductor and Solar Industries

CAST Joins SEMI as Special Interest Group

Participants Needed for a New PV Equipment Data Collection Program

SEMI Lobbying for Innovation Provisions in Stimulus Package

SEMI Announces Rich Media Conference Content for ISS and SMC

PV Progress is Important—even in Tough Times

From the SEMI® Europe President
Heinz Kundert, President, SEMI Europe

A View from ISS: Challenge and Opportunity

Ten countries and 162 senior managers participated at the ISS 2009 in Dresden. Discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities of how to get through the downturn and to emerge stronger once the market "picks up" again— and the continuing push to keep Europe ahead of the world in semiconductor technology for application specific device technology and manufacturing such as telecommunication, automotive, medical and industrial.

One of the critical issues discussed was the competitiveness of Europe in device design and manufacturing. Presentations from INTEL, TSMC, AMD, ST, NXP, Bosch, X-Fab and more showed various business models with their success factors. For many, it was an "eye-opener" to hear that manufacturing of microprocessors in Europe is competitive compared to other regions. This was verified by many of the large- and medium-size device makers, including Intel in Ireland. (more)

Heinz Kundert

"Tough Go" until 2010
By George Burns, Strategic Marketing Associates
Equipment manufacturers will endure their worst downturn in decades. The value of new fabs coming into production will also sink to historic lows. The stimulus packages in the U.S., EU and China should turn the economy around by the third quarter, and chip sales and capital spending will see growth again in 2010.

Recession... then Boom! McClean Defends his Optimism for the Industry
At the recently concluded SEMI ISS 2009 conference, Bill McClean, president of IC Insights, took a more optimistic look at the state of the industry in light of the current global economic situation. McClean was quick to point out that over the past thirty years, every recession has been followed by a boom period of strong growth.

Opportunities Abound in China's Semiconductor and Solar Industries
By Lily Feng, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
China's government unveiled a 4-trillion-yuan (US$586 billion) stimulus package in November 2008, with the funds distributed over the next two years. This package addresses the financial turmoil impacting the global economy and provides a welcome cash infusion to China's commerce.

Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) Joins SEMI as Special Interest Group
CAST will join SEMI as a special interest group to accelerate industry progress on critical test issues. CAST members will benefit from administrative efficiencies and SEMI will increase recognition for the CAST agenda.

Participants Needed for a New PV Equipment Data Collection Program
SEMI PV Group has issued a call for participants for a new PV Equipment Data Collection Program. Working in partnership with Yole, the PV Group will release a quarterly PV equipment "Book-to-Bill" report—providing subscribers with up-to-date information on the rapidly expanding global PV equipment market.

SEMI Lobbying for Innovation Provisions in Stimulus Bill; Opportunities Likely
The year is off to a quick start with fast-moving congressional action on a U.S. economic stimulus bill. SEMI North America (NA) is actively lobbying in support of several innovation provisions in this bill that would benefit the industry. Government grants are likely, resulting in opportunities for U.S. companies.

SEMI Announces Rich Media Conference Content for ISS and SMC
SEMI has announced the availability of selected Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2009 and Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) 2009 content in rich media format. Combining PowerPoint presentations synced with audio, the new format delivers the content in an on-demand format.

PV Progress is Important—even in Tough Times
While the current global economic environment has diverted attention from the world's climate crisis, continued investment in photovoltaic (PV) technology can be a key to economic recovery and the transformation of the global energy system, according to Dr. Eicke Weber of Fraunhofer ISE.


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