Volume 3, Issue 6



In This Issue for December

New SEMI Standards Procedure Guide

Global Standards Roadmap for Photovoltaics Update

SEMI Announces Recipients of 2008 SEMI Japan Standards Awards

Structuring Standards for the PV Manufacturing Industry (PDF)

SEMI Taiwan Standards Update

Standards Meetings during SEMICON Korea



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From the Director's Desk

Using Standards Just Got Easier

SEMI Standards are now easy to use. SEMIViews, empowers you and your company to be able to quickly and efficiently access, manage, and use the Standards vital to your success. SEMIViews is an online, Web 2.0 standards management system that allows you to customize your own settings and organize the Standards that you need and use most. Navigating between Standards is intuitive, and you can link pertinent sections of Standards together. You can now create and edit your own notes and attach them to Standards content for later reference.

SEMI Standards are essential to the industry, used in design, development, training, and procurement across many technical areas, including Equipment Automation, EHS, Materials, Microlithography, and Photovoltaics. However, SEMI's nearly 800 Standards contain over 8,000 pages of material, making retrieving and organizing all the Standards used by a company complicated and time consuming. Until now.

In contrast to the existing static hardcopy and pdf formats, SEMIViews is dynamic - pertinent sections of different Standards can be linked together, notes can be added and shared for later reference, and search and navigation is greatly improved. SEMIViews is accessible 24x7x365 from any location via a Web browser, but it's more than just online access it's a Standards management system, allowing you to customize your own settings and organize the Standards that you need and use most. In addition, SEMIViews supports not only English content, but Japanese-language Standards and Safety Guidelines translated into traditional Chinese.

Future features of SEMIViews will enable collaboration on Standards documents, intra-company communities, Standards revision/update notifications, and Standards updates, along with online training covering the purpose, meaning, and best implementation methods for complex Standards.

SEMI Standards are indispensable in reducing manufacturing costs, increasing reliability and productivity, and gaining access to global markets, as well as a vital component of your company's overall market and product development strategy. However, you need to be able to utilize them effectively to reap their benefits, and SEMIViews is the solution. For more information, please visit http://www.semi.org/en/Standards/index.htm, or contact Ms. Tonya Maudlin Senior Manager, SEMI Standards Products, at 408-943-7977.

Best wishes,

James Amano


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