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Waking up to Sustainability

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Energy and Carbon Footprint

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REACH Meeting
May 22
Brussels, BELGIUM

REACH Webcast
May 22
World Wide Web

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From the Director

Dear Colleagues:

After 20 years at SEMI, I have chosen to retire. On April 25, I step down as Senior Director, EHS Division.

I believe I have brought SEMI to a place of respect and leadership in EHS that it might not have realized without my commitment to the organization, the industry, and our members. I continue to appreciate the many opportunities and friendships SEMI has afforded me. I have truly enjoyed working with the members and their customers worldwide and believe SEMI continues to have a significant EHS role to play in industry.

Without the hard work and camaraderie of my many friends and colleagues in the industry, none of these EHS programs and progresses could have occurred. I'd like to think my participation and presence influenced their progression and success.

At the core of all of this we find you—the EHS people—unsung heroes to the industry, who are oftentimes under appreciated and whose tireless efforts go unrecognized. You represent the conscience of an industry sharing common goals as guardians of the environment—promoting safety in our products and health in workplace and communities. To me, you are the noblest, most heartfelt people of all. You have made SEMI's progress possible and my journey meaningful.

So now I move on to the next chapter in my life. I plan to take some much needed time-off and for a while I will be advising SEMI. For those of you who have remarked, "She's too young to retire!" you are on my A-list and you are probably right. I will just say...

Happy trails to you until we meet again.

Aimee Bordeaux

What an Amazing Trip It's Been

As I retire, I take this opportunity to wax poetic on what SEMI was like years ago... (More)

Waking up to Sustainability
by Stan Myers, President, SEMI
Unless you've been asleep for the past year, you'll be aware of the intense global focus on sustainability—everything from renewable energy to global warming. We cannot go a day without being confronted by sustainability issues such as global warming, environmental degradation, species loss, energy conservation, resource management and so on... (More)

SEMI's Committment to Sustainability
As a global industry association serving the advanced semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, SEMI is committed to helping member companies incorporate sustainability as they grow more profitable. For this end, SEMI has created a Sustainability website that leverages our existing efforts... (More)

REACH Pre-Registration Starts June 1—Impacts Both Equipment and Material Suppliers
The EU REACH regulation requires, in part, that companies register the chemical substances they manufacture or import into the EU, including chemicals used in the semiconductor industry. SEMI is working with member companies and partners to support industry-wide compliance understanding and measures... (More)

SEMI Information Briefing: REACH Meeting + Webcast, May 22
SEMI is pleased to announce a REACH information briefing from Tim Harris, a REACH authority in the UK government. Harris plans to meet with SEMI members at the SEMI Brussels office on Thursday, May 22. (More)
Harris will also make a formal web-based presentation to SEMI members that is scheduled for Thursday, May 22. The webcast is free for SEMI members. (More)

SEMI Submits Comments to European Commission on Proposed Changes to EU RoHS
The SEMI RoHS Working Group submitted comments to European Commission (EC) regarding proposed changes to the EU RoHS directive. The comments focused on the Large Scale Industrial Tool (LSIT) exemption which impact manufacturing equipment. RoHS regulations restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. To read the SEMI submission and for more information on RoHS... (More)

SEMI Engages Members on EU WEEE
The European Commission (EC) has invited industry representatives to provide feedback on proposed changes to the EU WEEE directive. WEEE regulations require appropriate disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The SEMI RoHS Working Group is assessing the impacts of proposed changes to semiconductor equipment manufacturers. If you would like to assist the ROHS WG, please contact SEMI EHS Senior Manager, Sanjay Baliga.

Reducing Energy and Carbon Footprint at Fabs: A New Focus for SEMI Standards
by Alex McEachern, Power Standards Lab
Semiconductor tools fabs have always used a lot of energy. But for the last 40 years, increased process throughput and yield has always trumped any considerations of energy efficiency. Not any more. Today, with global warming and the desire of many fab companies to be good corporate citizens, we're seeing increased interest in saving energy and reducing carbon footprint. (More)

SEMI Annual Benchmark Survey of Work Injuries and Illness
During the past eight years, SEMI has sponsored the development and maintenance of an annual survey designed to calculate benchmarking metrics for participating companies associated with work-related injuries and illnesses. (More)

The Major Role of EHS in the Marketplace—A Message Twelve Years in the Making
The following article, written by Aimee Bordeaux, was originally published in 1996 in a SEMI publication, Channel. Most of the predictions Bordeaux made twelve years ago appear to be real today. (More)

International Semiconductor ESH (ISESH) Conference
The annual ISESH conference, hosted by JEITA-JSIA, will take place in Sapporo, Japan between June 22–26, 2008. Topics PFC Emission Reduction, Energy Conservation, Chemical Management, PFOS, Waste & Water Management & Minimization, LCA & Green IT, Environment & Risk Management, Legislation, and ESH-Nanotechnology. For more information, please visit the conference website.

Events Calendar

SEMI North American (NA) International Compliance and Regulatory Committee (ICRC) Meeting
May 21, San Jose, California, USA

REACH Meeting
May 22, Brussels, BELGIUM

REACH Webcast
May 22, World Wide Web

June 18, San Jose, California, USA

International Semiconductor ESH (ISESH) Conference **
Hosted by JEITA–JSIA
June 22–26, Sapporo, Japan

July 14–18, San Francisco, California, USA

  • SEMI Standards Workshop (July 14–18)
  • International Energy Conservation Coordinating Committee (IECCC) Meeting (July 15)
  • Energy Conservation Seminar (Co-Sponsored by Sematech/ISMI) (July 15)
  • Joint NA / Japan ICRC Meeting (July 16)
  • EHS Special Interest Session: REACH and RoHS (July 16)
For a full calendar of events, click here.

**A non-SEMI driven event

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